Smart home sliding windows with accessories such as sun protection

Combinable accessories for clever solutions

swissFineLine sliding window systems are custom-designed to meet clients’ individual requirements. Sophisticated accessories and optional components provide added convenience.


Automation enables large window elements to slide silently, almost weightlessly across the opening. When integrated in building management and smart home systems, the window elements can be opened and closed at the touch of a button or using a smartphone app to ensure absolute convenience.

Automation also enables secure entry. The elements can be programmed to unlock and open when a user inputs a numerical code or provides an authorised fingerprint – further options are also available.

Thanks to its incredibly small dimensions, the electric motor is fitted concealed in the lintel profile. Commissioning and service work can be carried out directly from below through the profile.

swissFineLine sliding elements can be driven on inside and outside tracks. Integrated position monitoring systems increase security.

Open and close sliding windows automatically via an app
Automated sliding windows with integrated position monitoring system

Smart Home

Shading solutions that lower in response to voice commands – or rise to let in the fresh morning air when instructed by an app. Integrating swissFineLine window systems into your smart home system and connecting them to a smart speaker enables you to enjoy maximum convenience.

Automated swissFineLine systems can be individually integrated in building management and smart home systems. This makes it possible to operate window elements and monitor their position with ease and even remotely using a mobile device.

swissFineLine sliding windows integrated in building management system
Operate and monitor sliding windows through a smart home system

Concealed insect screening

The swissFineLine folding insect screen is a minimalist addition to window systems and provides maximum comfort and convenience without disrupting or limiting your view. When closed, the tear-resistant folding screen retracts invisibly and horizontally into the scuncheon.

The highly transparent yet durable folding screen can be installed for openings of up to one meter. When closed or not in use, it is fully concealed in the scuncheon to the side of the window.

Start the film

Folding insect screen for swissFineLine sliding windows
When closed, the folding insect screen disappears into the wall

Gap ventilation

swissFineLine gap ventilation is a unique solution that ensures continuous air exchange and, therefore, a pleasant indoor climate.

The electromagnetic locking system makes it possible to limit the opening between sliding elements to 80 millimetres. This ensures that you can sleep safely and enjoy a pleasant air flow all night long.

The gap ventilation feature can be effectively combined with the swissFineLine folding insect screen, which protects your home against unwelcome guests in the evenings and at night.

Façades without balconies or fall protection – where windows are not actually permitted to open – can also be fitted with the gap ventilation feature.

swissFineLine gap ventilation in bedrooms

Individual shading solutions

When installing large windows, an effective shading solution that ensures excellent anti-glare protection, privacy and thermal insulation is essential. swissFineLine is a premium provider of shading solutions and offers sophisticated integration options.

For example, external textile shading systems can be integrated by means of a concealed attachment in the lintel. This means the shading system is almost entirely concealed when not in use. The fully automatic control system can be integrated into other technical systems.

Effective sun protection thanks to shading solutions for sliding windows
Window façade made from sliding windows with minimalist shading solution

Privacy protection

To protect your home from unwanted glances, appropriate film applications offer the desired privacy protection. The privacy films are translucent and offer countless design possibilities.

This privacy protection is specially designed for exposed rooms with greater privacy requirements, such as overlooked bathrooms, spa areas, meeting rooms etc.

Bathroom with large sliding windows and privacy screen

Invisible fall protection

From first floor level, full-height sliding windows are designed with the all-glass fall protection railing, which can be integrated directly into the window frame.

The transparent aesthetic of this all-glass balustrade emphasises the customary minimalist design of elegant swissFineLine architecture.

Sliding window with fall protection made from transparent glass
All-glass balustrade as fall protection for sliding windows



Sophisticated system designs and options for outstanding architectural freedom. 




Sliding windows with impressive safety credentials.




Take inspiration from home design dreams turned into reality.



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