swissFineLine – a success story

The origins of our family business reach way back to 1886. With an impressive entrepreneurial spirit, a simple blacksmith's shop was transformed into an innovative and renowned company with an international reputation. 

2021 – the success story continues

In both our family and our company we live by the values that are immensely important to us, although we do not mention them explicitly all the time. These values are backed and supported by cross-generational consensus. The imminent succession and handover of the business to the fifth generation of the family, which already plays a leading role in the company with great commitment, forms the basis for a successful future in a constantly changing environment.

As our activities are directed towards the top market segment, we are committed to the highest quality awareness, captivating design, constant innovation and an above-average service level, also in the future. Our customers will continue to be our central focus. We take their needs and wishes to heart.

2017 – brand as company name

In the context of internationalisation and for marketing reasons, the logical move was taken to adopt the name of our successful product as the company name. The longstanding and successful Berger Metallbau AG evolved into the modern, internationally operating swissFineLine AG.

Both the ownership structure and our highly held values as a long-established family business are deeply rooted and have not been changed in any way. We are passionate about producing and installing premium frameless sliding windows of outstanding quality to provide people with a boundless experience of space in rooms that are flooded with light, air and atmosphere.

swissFineLine Competence Center

Kurt Berger with daughter Céline at the prize-giving ceremony of the German Design Award 2017

2010 – filigree architectural design

True to le Corbusier's statement: “The history of architecture is the history of the window", and inspired by the Bauhaus style, characterised by the approach of "less is more" and that goes hand in hand with the use of large glazing panels, the company developed a premium filigree sliding window that opens up previously untapped options for planners and that meets almost all design and functional requirements with its unmistakable design. 

As a result, in 2010 a competence centre for frameless sliding windows that also includes a production shop was inaugurated. In 2014 the new administration and production building was also taken into operation on a neighbouring site.

The development of the swissFineLine frameless sliding window is the expression of our passion for contemporary architecture.

Inauguration of the company headquarters, 6 September 2014

Administration and production wing, built in 2014 

1989 – takeover by the 4th generation

The brothers Kurt and Hansrudolf Berger were the fourth generation to join the family business. The young entrepreneurs responded to the new demands of the market. Instead of forging horseshoes and repairing wagon wheels, they focused entirely on working with metal, glass and steel.

The single company became Berger Metallbau AG, which for many years demonstrated its high level of competence in the implementation of sophisticated glass architectural projects on a national level. Their work and vision created the foundations for a tremendous development.

Kurt and Hansrudolf Berger founded Berger Metallbau AG in 1989

New company headquarters, built in 1992 

1886 – roots in the blacksmith's trade

In 1886 the master blacksmith Christian Berger and his wife Rosa founded the blacksmith's business in the central community of Langnau, in the picturesque and hilly landscape of the Emmental in the heart of Switzerland.

Where the local economy was dominated by the production of the world-famous Emmental cheese and its trade alongside successful linen weaving mills and farms, there was a lot of work for the master blacksmith to do in various fields right from the start. Horses were shod with new horseshoes, wagon wheels were repaired and a wide variety of blacksmith and metalworking jobs were done.

As a result, over the decades the small blacksmith's shop developed into a successful and sound family business, which, in the age of increasing mechanisation, evolved from a blacksmith's shop to a metalworking shop and later to a metal construction company with operations extending beyond the region.   

Where it all began: The family home with an integrated forge

All skills have to be learnt. Hans Berger with his son Hansrudolf in 1975.  

The company milestones

  • 1886 Establishment of the blacksmith's shop by Christian Berger at Gerbestrasse 29, Langnau.
  • 1989 The company is handed over to the brothers Kurt and Hansrudolf Berger, the fourth generation of the family business, and Berger Metallbau AG is founded
  • 1992 New production and administration building, Schlossstrasse 26, Langnau
  • 1997 New light metal production building, Gerbestrasse 25, Langnau
  • 1998 Strategic acquisition of Nyffenegger Metallbau, Huttwil
  • 1999 Addition of an administrative wing, Schlossstrasse 26, Langnau
  • 2004 Strategic acquisition of WINDOWplus, Otelfingen
  • 2007 Acquisition of residential and commercial property, Gerbestrasse 20, Langnau
  • 2010 New swissFineLine production shop with showroom, Gerbestrasse 17, Langnau
  • 2014 New administration and production building is taken into use, Gerbestrasse 15, Langnau
  • 2017 Berger Metallbau AG becomes swissFineLine AG
  • 2017 Only sliding window system worldwide that is tested to burglary protection level RC4 

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swissFineLine today – an internationally operating company with the vision of providing people with a boundless experience of space in rooms that are flooded with light, air and atmosphere.


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