Concrete house with a terrace featuring an infinity pool and panoramic views

Light-filled concrete house designs

The lightness and unmistakeable simplicity of swissFineLine provides the perfect counterpoint to modern architectural design using exposed concrete.

From some angles, some contemporary concrete buildings almost resemble futuristic castles. And yet, one crucial characteristic sets them apart from their medieval counterparts.

The architecture of modern concrete houses plays on the contrast between solid walls and glass elements that exude lightness. Their concrete walls are repeatedly interrupted by expansive windows, which creates spacious interiors and provides unique views of the building’s surroundings.

Villa made from concrete, with façade of open sliding windows
Concrete house with floor-to-ceiling sliding windows opening out onto a terrace

Ideal conditions for progressive exposed concrete architecture

Concrete is a tremendously versatile material and can be cast in any form desired. This versatility is reflected time and again in ambitious, avant-garde architectural designs using concrete. Adding pigments also makes it possible to adjust and customise the concrete’s colour.

Patterns and surface structures can also be created by using special formwork. However, the material’s effect would be diminished entirely without its juxtaposition with light and transparency.

swissFineLine is the ideal partner for this architectural style, supplying windows and sliding windows measuring up to 25m². Our expertise ranges from glazing entire façades with sliding windows opening out onto gardens and terraces to imposing window elements spanning several storeys. Frameless window elements from swissFineLine provide maximum architectural freedom and are always planned and produced to your precise requirements.

Check out our customers’ award-winning concrete houses to find inspiration for your own designs.

Minimalism and functionality

The puristic architecture of concrete houses skilfully unites luxury with understated design. Sliding windows with a frameless design are the perfect complement. The window elements’ delicate aluminium edging is almost entirely hidden in the slide rails concealed in the floor and ceiling. In addition, the joints between individual elements are barely visible at just 24 millimetres wide.

swissFineLine makes it possible to fully open even extensive window façades to create seamless, flowing transitions between interior and outdoor spaces.

We combined the design vocabulary’s unmistakeable minimalism with outstanding convenience. Opening and closing mechanisms for large window elements can be fully digitalised. You can integrate electronic components into your smart home system, which enables you to control them remotely and even monitor them via an app.

Solid concrete walls provide safety and security – and so can even large-scale glazing. With burglary protection in resistance class RC4 and the option of bullet-resistant glass, frameless sliding windows from swissFineLine offer a unique level of protection.

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Glass houses and pavilions

Following in the footsteps of Mies van der Rohe & Philip Johnson, swissFineLine allows designers to realise highly ambitious glass houses.




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